Tekchbila Concert

Join us for a musical and visual performance featuring the culmination of the bold and forward-looking work Tekchbila is pursuing, enabled by its brilliant artists : 3xOJ, salim, meryem, yassine & chryzalid.

Prior to the concert, we’ll be screening a movie showcasing beautiful imagery captured by the infallible lens of Kevin Le Dortz, paying tribute to the troupes we had the honour of working with during our first residency in Ait Milk, Souss Massa. Music and sound design by Fayçal Lahrouchi.

Places are limited
Book your place in advance

In parallel to this Saturday’s concert, we’re also very thrilled to be bringing the multiformat exhibition « Tekchbila Manifesto » in which we invite you to discover the breathtaking portraits of Souss Amazigh musicians as well beautiful landscapes from the region, sublimed by our very own Kevin Le Dortz.
You’re also invited to take an auricular bath in the sound installation recorded by Tekchbila’s co-founders Mohammed & Fayçal, and put together by Mohammed.

The exhibition opens Saturday at 20:00 and will last all through the month in Leila Alaoui gallery, within L’Instituit Français.

8:30 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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