At present all donations will be directed to the High Atlas Earthquake Relief Fund 

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Just before midnight on 8 September, a massive earthquake struck Marrakech & the High Atlas with deadly force. GDF & its local partners are committed to providing immediate & long-term support to alleviate the immense suffering of rural communities where we’ve been working for more than a decade. Our hearts ache as many in our team & communities have lost their families & seen their homes reduced to rubble. Coupled with the loss of their loved ones & belongings, they now also face challenges in accessing drinking water, food & basic supplies. These villages are amongst the most marginalised & remote in Morocco, & we need your support to help us provide relief & rebuild. 


It pains us to share the devastating news from our dedicated community researcher, Fadma, in Talat Naikoube. She’s been an indispensable part of our team, tirelessly supporting our fieldwork in the High Atlas in Al-Haouz. Tragically, she has lost close family members, & her village has been severely affected, with homes reduced to rubble. 


We’ve also received word from our community researcher Hamid, whose village in Imegdal has thankfully seen no human casualties. Yet, in a neighbouring douar, they are leading their own rescue efforts with scarce resources, facing the sad reality of approximately 40 human casualties. Many of the cooperatives we collaborate with are from this region, & we are struggling to establish contact with them. 


See our High Atlas Relief Fund Campaign and donate here 


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Harvest Festival Marrakech draws on the tradition, present in many parts of the world, of holding an annual celebration around the time of the main harvest. Harvest festivals celebrate abundance and liberty in the broadest sense. Beyond the historical bounty of food and seasonal break from agricultural work, they have evolved to embrace a sense of community and a recognition of diversity.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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