Any establishment that contributes to the transition to a more equitable, just and regenerative world by taking action locally may become a partner. This includes art galleries, cafés, caterers, cultural institutes, co-working spaces, delicatessens, foundations, hotels, incubators, restaurants, retailers and riads. During the editions of Harvest Festival Marrakech, our partners launch something special and unique to celebrate local agroecology, biodiversity, culture or gastronomy, in part by incorporating local culinary, craft and cosmetic products in what they offer to the public. They communicate their participation in the Festival through social media and word-of-mouth, drawing attention to what they are featuring as well as to the broader goal of ensuring that our local economy and food system work for the common good. If you would like to propose a new partner, please send your request to
Azalai Urban Souk

Launched in November 2021, barbe. epicier caviste is Marrakech’s one stop shop for all things “apéro” with a diverse wine cellar featuring an excellent local and international selection, handpicked by founder Adnane Belakbil. The Casablanca native, also known as EDAMAME (his DJ moniker under which he runs his international music events SOUL SUNDAYS and SOUK of SOUND) thought to create a beautiful space selling everything one might need to host with flair. The cellar also features various spirits, and the ground floor is stocked with a rich variety of snacks and foodstuffs, all locally made. Demnate’s Taytmatine Cooperative’s flavoured almonds, a bestseller in the Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association’s local product commercialisation initiative, are available for purchase, and you can even get a taste while you browse the other products. You’ll find expertly crafted Italian dishes such as the delicious Parmigiana, prepared by Antonia Fiamingo De Sandro, who also works in the shop. Smoked tuna, meat terrines, gourmet crackers flavoured with parmesan and truffle oil, vegetable chips, chocolate chip “sablé” biscuits and so much more fills the shelves, providing something for everyone. You can even get a cup of freshly brewed MFF coffee to go – just take a peek at the chalkboard behind the counter to see the excellent selection of beans from all over the world.

Bey 961

Bey961 is a Lebanese Street Food restaurant in Marrakech, founded by 3 friends who desire to spread the goodness of their homeland cuisine and ensure that the guest fall in love with the Lebanese food categorized as one of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisines paved with a unique cultural history.

Le Bistro Arabe
Bloom House

Bloom House is a unique place in the heart of Marrakech dedicated to plant-based and conscious food, yoga, meditation and holistic therapies. Convinced that these are powerful tools to optimize our health and wellbeing, we collaborated with experts (chefs, therapists, teachers, healers) to share with you our vision of a healthy lifestyle good for you and for the planet. We offer a colorful and delicious plant-based cuisine with a selection cold-pressed juices, smoothies, superbowls, salads, soups and snacks to provide a healthy alternative to the urban crowd. Bloom House products are homemade, made out of organic, local and ethically sourced ingredients, using vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds and superfoods (no refined sugar, no additive or chemicals, gluten free and dairy free options). Bloom House is a lifestyle movement, a community of nature lovers, yogis, therapists who believe in supporting each other.

Boutique Stella Cadente
Café Clock

Following the success of Cafe Clock in the city of Fez, Mike Richardson, the founder, decided to expand the concept’s reach and open new locations in the Kasbah of Marrakech and the famed blue city of Chefchaoun. His desire to celebrate aspects of Moroccan culture that he had fallen in love with, quickly transformed his restaurant into a cultural hub dedicated to local cuisine and traditions.

Café des épices

Café des épices is a world-renowned Café restaurant that attracts people from all over the world, with its red Marrakech Tadelakt you are bound to fall in love with Anne Favier’s decoration that reminds you of Morocco’s culture, art and crafts.

Dar Bellarj Foundation
Dar Simons
El Phoenicio
Es Saadi
Fairmont Royal Palm
Four Seasons
Gelato Art

The founding members of the artisanal ice cream lab Gelato Art considered none other than the vibrant city of Marrakech as home base for their project. When they decided to pursue the dream of bringing traditional ice cream to Moroccans, they came armed with expertise, tips and tricks they picked up from the best in the industry. Gelato Art’s mission was to deliver nothing less than the best tasting artisanal gelato to the people of Marrakech and its surroundings.

Henna Art Café

Marrakech Henna Art Cafe is located in the heart of the ancient medina of Marrakech. The cafe offers food, drink, fine art and the finest 100% natural henna tattoos to be found. We are the only provider of 100% natural henna in all of Morocco that has been certified by the International Certification for Natural Henna Arts. We offer two rooftop terraces, indoor dining, a gift shop, two galleries, a henna salon and free wifi throughout the building.

Institut Français de Marrakech
Jarjeer Mule And Donkey Refuge
Jnane Café

Nestled among the centennial palms of the luxury boutique hotel Jnane Tamsna’s grounds, the Jnane Café boasts chic decor, countless books for every taste, a selection of house botanical cocktails and mocktails, and a menu of delicious cuisine created by executive chef Driss Aloui using organic produce from the Jnane Tamsna Farm and other high quality locally sourced products. The cafe opens up to a heated pool and a lush drought-resilient garden, whose serpentine path is lined with botanical labels for the curious stroller to read and learn about the wide variety of species grown onsite. Workshops, tastings, pop-up meals and events are some of the cultural offerings of Jnane Café, which is open both to hotel guests and an external clientele. It is a space where travellers and locals alike have the opportunity to meet and exchange around a good drink and a delicious meal whilst our carefully curated music selection plays in the background.

Jnane Tamsna

Owned and run by the Martin family in the Marrakech Palmeraie since 2001, Jnane Tamsna is a farm to table boutique hotel comprising five houses scattered across nine acres of organic gardens. Meryanne Loum-Martin created an architecture inspired by Moorish tradition and the interiors combine English comfort with oriental and African influences for an original and detailed aesthetic. Gary Martin, passionate about plants, has designed a garden anchored in the ecology of the region. The gardening team uses traditional irrigation systems to water the grounds, which bustle with birds, tortoises, hedgehogs, and over 500 species of flora. Between their farm on the road to Sidi Rahal and the gardens located onsite, they grow the seasonal vegetables served in the hotel’s cuisine. As part of Jnane Tamsna’s commitment to giving back to Marrakech and its hinterland, they run the Ethnobotanica Café & Shop, a social enterprise supporting the sustainable livelihoods of communities throughout Morocco. Diverse ancestral products from the ethical cooperatives of the region, such as almonds, barley couscous, saffron, and nut oils to name but a few, are used in the hotel’s kitchen. Through its partnership with the Global Diversity Foundation, Jnane Tamsna offers its guests the opportunity to contribute to these efforts whilst enjoying a blissful getaway. In the twenty years since its opening, the Martin family have hosted and organized many cultural rendezvous, including literary salons and workshops with renowned authors, art exhibits, musical events, pop-up dinners, garden tours, and more.

Kasbah Bab Ourika
La Mamounia (Asian)
Le Jardin
La Fromagerie des Chefs
Le Kilim

LE KILIM is a loft like space decorated with vintage and modern artisanal pieces. Hanging in one of our walls, we have chosen to honor one of the most iconic kings of Morroco, Mohamed the 5thwho reigned in the 20s until the 60s, getting out of the classical portrait, the painting is a minimalistic perspective with the red Tarbouch, an item representing the Moroccan culture at best.

Le 18
Le Jardin

As part of its participation in the HARVEST festival, the restaurant LE JARDIN offers Moroccan cooking workshops, with fresh and local products and local delicacies.

Les Jardins du Lotus
Mandarin Oriental (Ling Ling)
Mandarin Oriental (Pool Garden)
Maison Sarayan
Max & Jan

MORO is a beautifully designed concept store and restaurant created by Mohcyn Bousfiha and Mouad Mohcine. The interior architect/designer and agronomer conceptualized this space to showcase the work of various local creatives, from clothing to ceramics, jewellery to home decor objects. Their natural cosmetics brand The Moroccans, which they founded in 2015, is also available for purchase at MORO. Drawing on the ancestral beauty rituals of Moroccan women, this luxurious line of oils, creams, scrubs and more is a must for advocates of self care. Known for the quality and purity of their ingredients, their signature products include their amber-scented argan oil and their line of unisex perfumes, all inspired by the sweet, spicy aromas of Marrakech. A stone’s throw from the Majorelle gardens, the space is part of a stunning red-walled apartment complex, surrounding a serene pool in the courtyard. Other parts of the property are being converted into sites for wellness and creativity, including the Root Holistic Center which offers yoga, reiki, sound healing and more. MORO’s zen white courtyard café serves delicious, wholesome home-cooked cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. The perfect pick-me-up after a session of shopping or meditation.

Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA)

The Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA) is a non-governmental organization based in Marrakech established in 2014. MBLA implement integrated in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures and strengthen conservation cultural practices through community-based research to protect biodiversity and improve local livelihoods.
MBLA deliver participatory conservation actions in collaboration with local communities in the High Atlas, such as assessing the richness of local biodiversity resources, terrace cultivation, building and managing local seed banks, herbaria, community plant nurseries, and water infrastructure.
To support local livelihoods, we train community members and local cooperatives in sustainable land-use practices and the commercialization of local plants and products. Our team of 21 collaborates with the Global Diversity Foundation to carry out these activities in the High Atlas.

Mouton Noir

Mouton’s Noir chef, Aniss Meski was born and raised in the bustling city of Casablanca, where he discovered his passion for food, which led him out of the country to France to pursue a degree in culinary arts. This marked the beginning of his gastronomic journey that landed him a few years later in none other than the ever-vibrant city of Marrakech.

Palm Orchids

Palm Orchids is an organic plant nursery pushing the boundaries of the Marrakech permaculture movement, acting as a community space for collective growing and sharing. Palm Orchids nursery was created in 1993 in Casablanca by Sadek Tazi, driven by a passion for the fantastic world of plants in general, and orchids and palm trees in particular. The nursery produced ornamental plants acclimatized to Morocco’s climate in order to diversify the already rich offerings that were available! Palm Orchids has introduced over 3000 new plant species to Morocco on a trial basis, reaching an acclimatization rate of around 30%. This means that around 1000 new plant species have been selected for production and are now available, including Bismarckia nobilis, Brachychiton acerifolius, Bauhinia variegata and much more.

Palais Ronsard
Pasta Cosy Ristorante Italiano
riad &partner

riad &partner is a full service international creative studio built upon the understanding that a strong conceptual foundation is essential to successful design on all levels. make love, not consumers.

Riad El Fenn
Royal Mansour
Sanctuary Slimane

Sanctuary Slimane is a space of healing, growth and creation. The property was transformed into a permaculture farm by Aziz Nahas, who has also rescued countless animals from local shelters, giving them a beautiful new life. Visitors strolling across the sanctuary will spot the sheep, goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens, donkeys and other animals who live peacefully onsite. California native Sarah Edwardes runs the multi-disciplinary artist residence they have created onsite, where creatives from around the globe come for weeks, sometimes months, to work on their craft, always leaving a work of art behind as a memento of their inspiring time at Sanctuary Slimane. A beautiful yoga studio at the end of the garden is used for classes as well as meditation and sound healing, with the occasional private film screening. They have their own gallery space and a fully equipped pottery studio, including a state of the art kiln, and their ceramics can be found on sale at the Sunday Oasiria Market, together with beautiful fresh produce from their organic permaculture farm.

Tanger print club
Terre d'Eveil
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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