Where does the Harvest Festival Marrakech take place?

Harvest Festival Marrakech is a multi-sited event: it happens in art galleries, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and other spaces in median Gueliz and other locations around Marrakech. Please consult the program on our events page and Instagram page for all locations.

Do I need to buy tickets for the festival?

There is no general ticket for the Autumn edition of Harvest Festival Marrakech. Please check with specific partners for the price of meals, products, tours, workshops and other goods and services they offer. Some events – like concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, roundtables and tastings – will be free of charge and open to the general public.

Is Harvest Festival Marrakech child friendly?

Harvest Festival is as child friendly as Marrakech itself. It provides an excellent opportunity for young people to discover new foods, ideas and innovations. Keep in mind that some partners, especially galleries and restaurants, may have specific policies that restrict access for children, especially if unaccompanied or unsupervised.

Is Harvest Festival Marrakech open to new partners?

Yes, any establishment that contributes to the transition to a more equitable, just and regenerative world by taking action locally may become a partner. This includes art galleries, cafés, caterers, cultural institutes, co-working spaces, delicatessens, foundations, hotels, incubators, restaurants, retailers and riads. During each edition of Harvest Festival Marrakech, our partners launch something special and unique to celebrate local agroecology, biodiversity, culture or gastronomy, in part by incorporating local culinary, craft and cosmetic products in what they offer to the public. They communicate their participation in the Festival through social media and word-of-mouth, drawing attention to what they are featuring as well as to the broader goal of ensuring that our local economy and food system work for the common good. If you would like to propose a new partner, please send your request to info@marrakechfestivals.org.

Who funds and sponsors Harvest Festival?

Harvest Festival Marrakech is organised without financial sponsorship or ownership by any entity or individual. Every community member, event and partner is self-supporting, and each is responsible for designing its own participation in the celebration. The success of Harvest Festival depends on dozens of establishments and volunteers that provide in-kind support. Two institutions provided seed funding to cover the core costs of communicating, designing and organising Harvest Festival and especially its inaugural Autumn 2021 edition: the Darwin Initiative, a UK government grants scheme that helps to protect biodiversity and the natural environment through locally based projects worldwide, and the Swiss-based MAVA Foundation, which supports conservation to benefit people and nature.

When is the harvest season in the Marrakech-Safi region?

Just like the Harvest Festival, the reaping of crops continues all year long. The agricultural calendar is linked to the wonderful Mediterranean climate of this region of Morocco, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Citrus fruits are picked from late winter through spring and early summer, olives are gathered in the autumn, diverse vegetable crops thrive throughout the year, and each cereal – barley, maize, millet and wheat – has its own season.

What is the High Atlas Food Market?

Cooperatives in the High Atlas region produce a wide range of high-quality certified local products, but they face numerous challenges in promoting and selling their goods. High Atlas Food Market was created in order to address this challenge, with the first edition held in May 2021 to assist local cooperatives in commercializing their products in urban areas, as well as how to expand their clientele during and after Covid-19.

Following the success of the first edition, the Moroccan Biodiversity & Livelihoods Association (MBLA), in collaboration with the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF), organises High Atlas Food Markets as part of the Harvest Festival to promote biodiversity-friendly local products as well as to remind attendees of the importance of knowing where their food comes from and how it is produced, prepared and distributed. Stay tuned to our website and social media to be informed of the time and date the High Atlas Food Market will be held.

From High Atlas producers to Marrakech’s urban consumers, the market will offer a diverse range of high-quality products at reasonable prices. We hope that this initiative will eventually spark a conversation and raise awareness about the importance of conscious food choices for good health, as well as how local cooperative products can serve as an alternative to highly processed and unsafe food products.

Where you can purchase High Atlas products?

In the High Atlas Markets that will be organised throughout the year, you will be able to choose from a wide range of products from cooperatives of the regions of Al-Haouz, Azilal, and Demnate.

We display products from many High Atlas cooperatives that are already established with a diverse range of products and are enthusiastic about participating in the Market and the Harvest Festival. A set of criteria was developed to evaluate the cooperatives, and we are pleased to inform you that all cooperatives are in accordance with Morocco’s cooperatives law, “Law n° 112-12.” Furthermore, they engage in traditional land-use practices and modes of production that promote biodiversity. Their work also contributes to the creation of job opportunities and inclusive initiatives for their community.

Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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