Loutfi Souidi exhibition opening

Comptoir Comptoir des Mines Gallery

Comptoir des Mines Gallery invites you to join us for the opening of Loutfi Souidi’s exhibition “Je ne sais point”.

Souidi’s exhibition reflects the silent tragedy of alienation between Nature and Mankind, which according to him, can only be highlighted by the juxtaposition of images of disorder and dislocation. Souidi gave us a peak into his creative process with a look at his workshop explorations and questionings of contemporary landscapes. 

From Phillip Van den Bossche’s field notes on Souidi’s work and workshop in Sidi Moussa:

“The ‘douar’ where we meet is in permanent change, and the same could be said of Loutfi Souidi’s studio. Concrete building blocks are stacked, removed and added again on a daily basis. That’s the everchanging view and rhythm when he opens his front door in Sidi Moussa. Inside the house Souidi works on a number of landscapes, realised in a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and installations. His artistic practice could be defined as multidisciplinary, but ‘multifaced’ might be a better word to approach his versatile art works and ways of communicating with what surrounds him: collecting and combining objects, observations and memories from daily life. The interaction between materials and techniques in relation with mental and scenic images marks Loutfi Souidi’s awareness of both the past, the present and of the world.”

Discover the exhibition from May 27 to June 30 at Comptoir des Mines Gallery. Opening Friday, May 27 from 6:30 pm.

6:30 pm – 20:30 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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