Khial Nkhel — KHLLA—

Khial Nkhel is a nomadic artistic program located on the cities’ outskirts. It connects landscapes of different shores where palm trees cast their shadows. In the first three editions, we looked at the urban space, as these same palm trees stood witness to the cities’ drastically vertical expansion, its transformations and reorganisations. Remaining at that edge, we now turn our gaze towards the horizon, letting our sight travel as far and wide as the emptiness allows.

‘lkhlla’ explores the potential of the void. The neglected space that belongs neither to cities nor nature, where the traces of humankind are abundant but humanity is nowhere to be found. ‘lkhlla’ is deemed to be a place of no prospect; the border between life and everything else. It’s the state of mind you wish upon those who harm you [llay 3atik lkhlla] and the place you want to go to find peace [nmchi nrta7 fchi khlla]. ‘lkhlla’ belongs to all and none at the same time. However, to say ‘lkhlla’ equals emptiness alone is to deny the importance of that which you cannot see. It’s a place where death is not a tragedy, simply another cycle in life. ‘lkhlla’ is the intangible, that which is void of any positive traits. Yet, it’s the indispensable playground of those who have no other place.

Every city knows many khllas, and every khlla knows its frequenters. But, can we structure this emptiness? How does lkhlla translate to the sensory experience? What can we create from the void? But also, what can we learn about our everyday behaviours? And how should we reappraise our position in this space? During the fourth edition, over ten artists will present the outcomes of these questions and more through their interactive art and integrative workshops. We welcome you to explore this transitional and temporary space with us at the multi-disciplinary and immersive exhibition from 28 October – 15 November.

5 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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