17 May

Bio Cultural Fair @ Azilal and Ait M’hamed

The Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association are running the second edition of the bio-cultural festival. This four-day event taking place in Azilal and Ait M’hamed commemorates a decade of United Nations restoration efforts in the Atlas region. It is an opportunity to introduce and celebrate conservation initiatives carried out by MBLA and its partners in the High Atlas; local community members, stakeholders, local authorities, civil society, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are all invited to attend.

Amazigh culture is celebrated through a series of musical and dance performances, Fantazia, a food competition, a market of cooperatives products and much more.

Harvest Festival Marrakech and Global Diversity Foundation are pleased to offer our support to MBLA and will be joining in on their incredible festivities in the heart of the Atlas!

Download the full programme. Please check @mbla.highatlasmorocco Instagram or Facebook for more information. 


For participation in any festival activity please see the following form:

Formulaire de participation au FESTIVAL BIO-CULTUREL D’AZILAL du 29 mai au 1er juin 2023

For visiting Ait M’hamed ICCA, including Agdal, Plant Nursery, and Wabzaza site, please see the following form:

Formulaire de participation à la Visite guidée des territoires de vie des Ait M’hamed


If you are looking to make a trip out of your visit, MBLA recommends the following hotels: 

Dar Samy (Bin El Ouidane) +212 661205725

Dior lamane (Residence in Azilal) +212 677572960

Tinwitchi  (Azilal) +212 666191713

EAU VIVE Ilham (Bin El Ouidane) +212 666287887

Hôtel Chems (Bin El Ouidane) +212 523442911

29 May – 1 June
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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