20 October

Artists & Cultural workers in solidarity with Palestine, Libya & Afghanistan

A night of Readings

Address: LE18, 18 Derb El Ferrane, Riad Larouss, Marrakech Medina

Readings are welcomed in any language, where possible we would like to offer the titles in both their original language and English. 


“Our support and solidarity with people who are struggling for human dignity and justice should not depend on their knowing anything about us! Solidarity is not a market exchange. It’s not, you need to give us your love and we’ll give you ours! Whether it’s the Rohingya, whether it’s the Roma, whether it’s the Palestinians, we’ve got to be able to say, this is not acceptable!” Robin D.G. Kelley 


Join us for a night of readings, (poetry, excerpts, songs, statements) that create a space for us to express our empathy and solidarity with all those suffering across multiple crises of oppression, climate breakdown and natural disasters. Readings are welcomed in any language.


If you are interested in sharing a reading with us on the night please get in touch with loren@global-diversity.org. We will leave space in the programme for people to step up adhoc during the evening. Everyone is welcome to read, whether an artist, cultural worker or not. 


This event is free but we encourage you to make a donation to the suggested following organisations working on the ground to recover communities affected communities. 

Medical Aid Palestine

Global Giving Afghanistan Emergency Fund

Global Giving Libya Relief Fund


Libya and Afghanistan have experienced natural and climate disasters in close succession to the earthquake in Morocco, which is why we have chosen to lend our support to these parallel relief efforts. Our solidarity with the Palestine cause is one that has been continuous in the festival’s programme and is an extension of our belief in indigenous land rights, decolonisation and social justice.

29 Oct
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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