17 May

Agrobiodiversity of the High Atlas @Bloom House

Agrobiodiversity of the High Atlas. Opportunities and challenges under global change

Address: 20 Rue du Capitaine Arrigui, Marrakech

Join us for a 90 minute lively discussion around agrobiodiversity of the High Atlas at the Bloom House, a community of lovers of life, nature and sharing. Agrobiodiversity is the result of the interaction between the environment, genetic resources and management practices used by culturally diverse peoples. In this activity which will combine some aspects of theory and practice around the concept of agrobiodiversity we will explore the current situation in the High Atlas and beyond, along some of the opportunities and challenges faced by the populations of this mountainous region. This activity, included within the Harvest Festival intends to reduce the gap between urban and rural populations by promoting dialogue, knowledge exchange and action taking around topics at the interface between nature and culture.

The discussion will be led by Khadijah Ait el Mati, a young farmer from the commune of Imegdal, along with Meryem Aakairi, Adele Woodmansee and Ugo D’Ambrosio, researchers on the agrobiodiversity of the High Atlas from the Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association, Cornell University and the Global Diversity Foundation, respectively.

This event will be in Darija, French and English, translations will be made when necessary by the speakers.

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23 May
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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