Palm Orchids

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Palm Orchids is an organic plant nursery pushing the boundaries of the Marrakech permaculture movement, acting as a community space for collective growing and sharing. Palm Orchids nursery was created in 1993 in Casablanca by Sadek Tazi, driven by a passion for the fantastic world of plants in general, and orchids and palm trees in particular.

The nursery produced ornamental plants acclimatized to Morocco’s climate in order to diversify the already rich offerings that were available! Palm Orchids has introduced over 3000 new plant species to Morocco on a trial basis, reaching an acclimatization rate of around 30%. This means that around 1000 new plant species have been selected for production and are now available, including Bismarckia nobilis, Brachychiton acerifolius, Bauhinia variegata and much more.

Today, the nursery operates 10 hectares in Marrakech, specialising in xerophytic plants, which are resistant to drought and the harsh climate of Marrakech. Marrakech’s dry climate, with temperatures that can drop to -4 ° C and climb to 50 ° C can be challenging, though Palm Orchids offers ecological solutions through their climate adapted plants. Putting agroecological practices first, the nursery uses permaculture design, functioning without any chemical inputs throughout the property or in any of their projects or products. For over 10 years Palm Orchids has been producing organic vermicompost (compost made by earthworms yielding high quality potting soil) and is the only local Marrakech supplier.

Palm Orchids played a crucial role in the first edition of the Harvest Festival, acting as one of the stunning home bases for a seemingly endless assortment of events throughout the festival. The 10 acre area is a maze of plants and small buildings; moving from fish ponds and natural swimming pools to a greenhouse-esque restaurant to a mud house home to a cow, in effortless winding paths. Harvest Festival called this space home during pop ups spanning multiple days or weeks including a ceramic artist and his temporary workshop or chef’s pop-ups bringing their cuisine into the garden for multiple days. Harvest Festival also hosted one-off events, such as roundtable discussions, workshops, markets and a legendary Halloween closing party.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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