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Mouton’s Noir chef, Aniss Meski was born and raised in the bustling city of Casablanca, where he discovered his passion for food, which led him out of the country to France to pursue a degree in culinary arts. This marked the beginning of his gastronomic journey that landed him a few years later in none other than the ever-vibrant city of Marrakech.

After his graduation, Aniss moved to Montreal in search of a fresh start and a new challenge,  to fuel his passion and sharpen his skills. For ten long and beautiful years, Montreal had him hooked.

Aniss had a dream during his years abroad to bring everything he had learned and experienced back to his home country. Marrakech was another city that captivated his heart, for its sunny weather, vibrancy, people, and famous label as an international food destination. It was natural for him to choose it as the location for his biggest challenge yet, Mouton Noir, a restaurant in Gueliz. It operates on the concept of combining different styles of gastronomy into one menu.

Aniis Meski has a distinguished gastronomical touch, which he brings to every plate on the Mouton Noir menu; not only do you get a taste of his palatable Quebecois influenced food, flavors derived from all of his adventures in Mexico, Costa Rica, New York, Vermont, Florida, and Nicaragua. You are also getting some of the best edible works of art in town.

Aniss has an appreciation for art, which is evident in every detail of his restaurant, from the beautifully presented food to the subtle and minimalist interior design to the arrangement of local products for sale.

Mouton Noir has recently joined our partner’s community, and will host a brunch event on May 29th as their first contribution to the Harvest Festival. Their partnership with the Harvest Festival extends beyond events, as the HF team acts as a liaison between Mouton Noir and other partners, facilitating new collaborations and introducing Marrakech-based businesses to Atlas Mountain products and organic local produce grown in the region. Mouton Noir is an active partner which expressed a strong desire to use locally produced products due to their high quality and to support local small businesses.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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