Le Kilim

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LE KILIM is a loft like space decorated with vintage and modern artisanal pieces. Hanging in one of our walls, we have chosen to honor one of the most iconic kings of Morroco, Mohamed the 5thwho reigned in the 20s until the 60s, getting out of the classical portrait, the painting is a minimalistic perspective with the red Tarbouch, an item representing the Moroccan culture at best. A restaurant that was decorated by Anne Emmanuelle Favier, with cooper traditional bucket lamps hanging on the ceilings that brings originality and an artisanal touch to the space, adding to it oversized braided straws lamps with warm lights at night. The Zellige in the ground, in variations of red, is a signature of the Marrakech Gueliz restaurant. As the art of the Zellige was born in Morocco in the 10th century inspired from the roman culture, we have chosen a modern aspect to it by keeping the Beldi-chic decoration with the red of the city. KILIM also means a particular type of rugs, an originally Turkish art that was also used and made in Morocco and North Africa. We chose to cover all our chairs and cushions with Kilim rugsin order to keep the unified red and traditional look.

Le KILIM is renowned for its traditional Moroccan and international fusion flavors that it has incorporated into each of its dishes.

Inspired by tradition, LE KILIM is in line with the philosophy of the local product, from spices to vegetables through the kitchen and its teams, everything is implemented to create an immersion in the flavors of Morocco.

Behind each of our dishes, there are unprocessed raw materials, a local production that (re)lives, a preserved biodiversity, nature, and animals pampered, men whose work is respected.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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