Le Jardin

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As part of its participation in the HARVEST festival, the restaurant LE JARDIN offers Moroccan cooking workshops, with fresh and local products and local delicacies.

A moment of sharing and discovery, which will allow the curious, the cooks in vogue and the gourmets, to recreate the gustatory memory of Morocco in their kitchens.

Diversified baskets composed of local and regional products will be available on site.

Come share with us a unique moment of creation of flavors, for you, and with you.

The medina is one of the biggest mazes ever known to exist, inside its streets and souks LE JARDIN Marrakech restaurant is waiting for you to offer refreshing juices and succulent dishes from traditional Moroccan cuisine to European delicacies. LE JARDIN is internationally known for its green Zellige and endless greenery that transports tourists from the hectic souks to the calm and freshness of an Oasis with birds chirping all around. LE JARDIN is a small piece of heaven that will most definitely captivate you.

known for its magnificent garden, and relaxing atmosphere, LE JARDIN offers a lot more to its visitors. With its strategic location, the Oasis is nearby museums, mosques, the famous DAR EL BACHA as well as the MEDERESA BEN YOUSSEF.

Located in the center of the Medina you will experience one of Marrakech’s best food, with our famous Beef Tangia and its root vegetables. And to Our vegetarian and vegan clients a list of dishes made especially for you in order to enjoy a peaceful and delicious meal in one of our many spectacular terraces or our indoor spaces for more privacy.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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