3 May

Um Mami x Tighanimin, Tizouite and Tizgui Cooperative Community Exchange (Presentation & Dinner)

31 May, Um Mami x Tighanimin, Tizouite and Tizgui Cooperative Community Exchange (Presentation & Dinner), Um Mami Melting Pot, Targa, 7 to 9.30pm 

This event has a small ticket price of 100 MAD. The full fee goes back into helping Um Mami, a not for profit organization put on events that share the work of their cohorts with wider audiences. Ticket price includes freshly prepared food and drinks.

Eventbrite Registration, fee to be paid at the door on the evening of the event. 

Join us on the evening of Friday 31 May for a presentation of the community exchange between three of our cooperatives and the current cohort of Um Mami Melting Pot Morocco. 

On the 30 and 31st May the Um Mami trainees will be engaged in a 2-day exchange with 3 of our cooperative members :

  • Nadia el Fatmi from the cooperative Tighanimin for Argan production
  • Fatima Eddaroui from the cooperative Tizouite for Honey production 
  • Jamila ait Issou from the cooperative Tizgui for Couscous and its derivatives production

Over the two days the cooperative members will be sharing their work with the trainees, exploring their products and their use in traditional recipes and Moroccan food culture. In turn the trainees will be thinking about how we can use these traditional products in contemporary cuisine and coming up with new recipes to share with us on the evening of the 31st in Um Mami’s beautiful Targa gardens.

31 May
7 pm-9.30pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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