30 October

Senses Rising: Embodied Explorations with Bread

30 October, 4 pm to 7 pm, “Senses Rising: Embodied explorations with bread”, a workshop with Fatima Alaiwat at Cafe Clock.

A participatory workshop that encourages us to attune with our senses as a way to explore alternative modes of knowing, relating and acting within our social, environmental and political landscapes. Fatima Alaiwat will lead us through a series of activities that ask us to consider the raw forms of sourdough bread – from fermentation and bacterial aromas to sensory recipes and eating as a meditative practice. 

Fatima approaches breadmaking not with an emphasis on flavour, but rather on the potentiality of sensory and dynamic entanglements as a daily practice. Fatima uses these methodologies as catalysts to discursive entry points such as quiet modes of resistance and activism, co-production of knowledge polycultures, global food systems and belonging despite dispossession. How can slower communal approaches enable us to embed wildness back into what has become an increasingly industrialised process? How, for example, can we relearn and preserve networks of communality within baking through guerilla modes of collective bread-making, that allow us to enter into new modes of resistance as well as belonging with and as part of nature?

A maximum of 30 people. Please register here



Fatima Alaiwat interrogates what we ingest and digest as the material traces of various scales of political, cultural and environmental contexts, demonstrating how what we eat implicates us in global politics. Working primarily with food-related processes of eating, cooking, growing and foraging, with a focus on weaving research and poetics within the everyday, her practice centres on developing practical and collaborative tools through cultivating regenerative processes that require reciprocal acts of nourishment, care and maintenance with the more-than-human world, whilst also exploring structures in intuitive, non-intellectual and spiritual ways. Alaiwat’s research has resulted in various outputs such as composting, cooking and sensory workshops. She is particularly interested in exploring sensory and embodied epistemologies as alternative modes of resistance, relating, being and belonging, that function despite dispossession and displacement.

Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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