2 November

Opening of Riad Stella Cadente

Friends of Harvest Festival Marrakech: November 2nd, 5 pm, Opening of Riad Stella Cadente.

The Riad Stella Cadente is her home in the centre of Marrakech! A place where everything is for sale! Over there, you will find the brands universe on 2 floors.
Perfumes and nighties are bought in the boudoir, plates in the kitchen, copper decoration in the living room, and tables and carpets in the dining room.
It is a dreamlike and colourful universe, tinged with Marrakchis codes with gold leaf ceilings and overlapping ancient cement tiles. The turquoise dressing room is enhanced by multicoloured baskets suspended from the ceiling. You will discover unique fashion pieces, all made in her workshop. Mystery in the copper cave. Glass lanterns floating in a dark red atmosphere.
We can enjoy tea on Stella’s blue patio.
A panoramic peacock on gold background dresses the living room and goes with the palm trees in the dining room. The smell of musk and orange blossom lives in the air and mixes with the photographs of these strange characters who populate this unique universe.

November 2nd
5 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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