3 May

How to Grow a Book Installation

17 May – 20 May, How to Grow a Book Installation by Heiba Lamara, Dar Bellarj, Open daily from 10am to 6pm

A 3-day installation exploring DIY publishing, plants and propagation.

In the spirit of a seed-swap, in the configuration of a print-room, How to Grow a Book invites visitors to take part in an exchange.

The installation invites visitors to reflect on our shared agri-cultures and what the act of growing and publishing have in common. How can we record our plant knowledge together? Who has the power to grow? Who has the power to publish? How many books can we propagate? Can our pages travel as far as our seeds?

You can play with the pages on offer to assemble and bind your own publications.

You are invited to create and duplicate your own page to be added to the communal publication.

Sit and read. Enjoy the harvest.

Heiba Lamara is an artist, publisher and gardener whose work explores independent print and archival practices. In particular she looks at zine-making as a methodological and material practice, to think across disciplines, ecologies and communities. She is Assistant Editor of OOMK Zine and co-founder of Rabbits Road Press.

17-20 May
10 am-6 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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