21 October

Healthy Soil Workshop and Lunch @Dar Taliba Girls School

 A visit and lunch in Dar Taliba’s Botanical Garden led by Omar Saadani Hassan, MBLA’s agroecology expert to learn about soil and irrigation, 10 am to 3.30 pm, Dar Taliba, Atlas Mountains 

Tickets are 350dh per adult and 300dh per child. Tickets are available here.

Join us alongside MBLA for a visit to Dar Taliba to learn about soil composition and health, learn how to make fertiliser and how to achieve and maintain a healthy compost. Participants will also gain insight into the Oya irrigation system. A beautiful lunch will be served in the garden prepared by Dar Taliba using their own garden harvests. 

Departing from Roundabout Semlalia to Tnin Ourika at 10 am and back in Marrakech at 3.30 pm. Tickets price includes lunch and return transportation. These are to be paid on the morning of departure. Space is limited to 15 people. If you have access issues or need any further information please be in touch with us or call MBLA at +212 (0) 80-8558485

Dar Taliba is an all-girls boarding school where the Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA) has been hosting its environmental education programme since 2014. The programme tackles all agrobiodiversity aspects by organising workshops on plant preservation, plant uses, permaculture techniques and traditional conservation practices. Dar Taliba includes a botanical garden where girls from the school plant and cultivate thousands of seeds, as well as harvest fruits and vegetables to be used in preparing meals in the school all around the year. Dar Taliba is always open to the public for harvest tours and various biodiversity-related workshops promoting the importance of preserving local food and biodiversity as part of creating and encouraging cultural exchanges between urban and rural regions.

This event is organised by MBLA for Harvest Festival 

Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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