22 October

Diyae Bourhim Installation @Café Imlil

22 October to November,  Diyae Bourhim Installation, Cafe Imlil

Diyae Bourhim, Nous étions ensemble ce jour là! (2018-2021)

“Nous Étions Ensemble Ce Jour Là” is a photographic installation that started in 2018 and still growing. This project acts as an archive of collective meals and memory of food and kitchenware. The installation consists of a series of more than 100 photographs so far captured on days of togetherness at home, in a cafe, restaurant, bar, on the grass or on the ground. The series reflects and records traces of ephemeral meals as containers of memory. 

Café Imlil, a Marrakech institution, undoubtedly home to many memories of shared conversations, convivial meetings and togetherness, hosts three of Diyae Bourhim’s series for Harvest Autumn ‘22, the installation will run through November. 

Chez Bernadette & Zoli, Budapest, 20.9.2019

Chez Oumaima, Tetouan, 16.4.2021

Chez Bouchra, Tighmert, 14.3.2021 

Harvest Festival is very much about celebrating the places, spaces and people that allow us to gather together, socialise and share which both Café Imlil and “Nous étions ensemble ce jour là” spotlight. 

A copy of Chergui 003, produced and published by Le18 which hosts an editorial of the series with a text written by Bourhim, is available for reference in the café. 

Café Imlil, Rue de la liberté, Guéliz

Diyae Bourhim is a Moroccan visual artist, developing a multidisciplinary practice. Graduate from the National Institute of Fine Arts- Tetouan 2020, her work has been selected for various

exhibitions, festivals and residencies such as AL MAHAL 2022, La Friche Belle de Mai 2022,

Youmein Festival 2018, Shubbak Festival 2021, Mahal Art Space, Taiwan Grand Annual 2021, Think Tanger 2021, Caravane Tighmert 2020/2021. She is currently working with the AWAL program dedicated to the archiving and promotion of popular oral arts in Morocco. (2021/2022)

Her approach is based on the reactivation of memory and the search for new ways of representing it through art. Diyae leads a process close to archaeology in order to apprehend the social, political and intimate conditions of the human being. She is currently working on an “archaeology of the sensible”, a reflection begun in 2018, which questions the poetic resistance of the matter and the archive to time and oblivion.

Diyae established a nomad workspace where she develops her practices, ranging from

photography and sculpture to embroidery and installation. Her current work revolves around the habitat and what orbits within it. Diyae is specifically interested in the stories and narratives that a place, its architecture, its materials and its archives can reveal. In 2020, Diyae co-founded “Mouhawalat”, a collective of artists and other practitioners of the art world who are constantly trying. It aims to create new ways of creation and transmission, as well as

to think about new alternative ways of art knowledge outside of normative modes. The collective is gradually shaping its identity through continued attempts at collaboration, creation and exchange.

22 October to November
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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