27 October

Amine Lahrach, A sharing @Le18

27 October, Amine Lahrach, A sharing @Le18

نتشاركو الطعام/  نتشاركو الكلام / نتشاركو الأحلام

We share foods / we share talks /we share dreams

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Amine Lahrach, on the occasion of Harvest Festival Autumn ‘22, invites you to gather over a collective cooking session and sharing of food, all grounded in a communal exercise of surrendering our emotional selves. 

Recognising the sharing of emotions as a rich and complex site of potential connectivity, Amine prioritises space for these in collective settings as a means of resistance and imagination that can enable real shifts in the dimensions of our everyday lives and selves. 

Amine’s gatherings through quotidian forms of existing together, whether through cooking, digesting, planting seeds or other modes that allow intimate exchanges, can all be seen as a form of collective archiving – a metabolizing of the banalities of our every day into moments of becoming transformations. 

Commissioned for Harvest festival, Autumn 2022

Amine Lahrach is an artist interested in performance art, visual art and slam poetry. Building from everyday idioms, his approach is based on social friction, the rubbing given by the encounter between him and society, to reinterpret social reflection, the collective thought about “what is around”. After several experiences in the Casablanca underground scene, he joined Qanat in 2018 and LE 18 in 2019. In 2020, he initiated Safina projects.

6 pm to 9 pm
Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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