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Bey961 is a Lebanese Street Food restaurant in Marrakech, founded by 3 friends who desire to spread the goodness of their homeland cuisine and ensure that the guest fall in love with the Lebanese food categorized as one of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisines paved with a unique cultural history.

In a decor reminiscent of an antique Lebanese café through old traditional floor tiles, cane chairs, wood tables made by local artisans and an open kitchen, visitors can indulge themselves in a healthy, sophisticated, authentic Lebanese experience, whether sitting inside on our long sofa or outside on our terrace surrounded by soothing greenery.

The food of Lebanese culture is a celebration of life a bit like the Harvest festival celebrating the food grown on earth. It’s fresh, colorful and incredibly diverse. At Bey961 we pay homage to the authentic flavors of Lebanese cuisine combining a variety of traditional dishes with earthy fresh ingredients, reflecting our Mediterranean origins where climate is warm and where olive oil is king, it can be found in most of our dishes and is sourced from local cooperatives. We also seek out the freshness of ingredients, local and organic when available, and handpicked daily by local growers with a farm to table concept translated into houmous (chickpeas), Mhammara (red bell peppers and nuts), fattouch or tabbouleh salad, not to forget our earthy oldest (before ottoman times) Lebanese dish the baba ghanouj (eggplants).

A large portion of our menu items are vegan and/or vegetarian but also meat lovers can find their share.

During the Harvest festival, all guests are welcome to come and enjoy our Lebanese version of tapas, a beautiful balance of traditional, authentic and fresh cuisine but also experience sharing, kindness and generosity that are the pillars of our culture which always bring people together: old friends, families, loved ones and our beautiful stuff.

The Lebanese people know how to celebrate life and often so by sharing a meal together, the spirit of tradition runs deep at Bey961.

Yalla !

Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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