Henna Art Cafe

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Marrakech Henna Art Cafe is located in the heart of the ancient medina of Marrakech. The cafe offers food, drink, fine art and the finest 100% natural henna tattoos to be found. We are the only provider of 100% natural henna in all of Morocco that has been certified by the International Certification for Natural Henna Arts. We offer two rooftop terraces, indoor dining, a gift shop, two galleries, a henna salon and free wifi throughout the building.

Guests can be assured of a safe, comfortable place to receive their henna tattoos, and their companions are welcome to relax in any of the areas of the building.

During the Harvest Festival, visitors are welcome to observe the art of henna and interact with our naqashas. Resident artist Lori K Gordon will also be available to discuss the art created in the cafe. Both henna tattoos and art will be discounted by 10% for Harvest Festival guests.

A screening of the award-winning short documentary “Flowers of Marrakech” will be presented at (specified location and date). The film highlights the daily life and work of our naqasha Nadia, a single mother who is using her henna skills to support her two young daughters.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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