Le Studio Café

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Le Studio Café is the restaurant at the heart of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in the Majorelle quartier of Marrakech. The restaurant opened at the same time as the Museum, in 2017, when the menu offered a mixture of Mediterranean and Moroccan flavours. Since the Covid pandemic, however, the restaurant has opted for a new strategy of culinary residencies. The first was launched in 2021 when chef Driss Aloui presented his Californian menu, inspired by his training in San Diego, California.

By definition, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum celebrates culture and cultural exchange by emphasising the quest for inspiration that Saint Laurent realised during his numerous trips to Morocco. When Le Studio Café first started, it promoted Moroccan cuisine in one of the most highly visited places in the country. With our new chef-in-residency plan, Le Studio now highlights our culture and gastronomy by offering an opportunity to young Moroccan chefs to showcase their talents.

Every Saturday morning, the Jardin Majorelle, in partnership with RIAM, holds a weekly farmers’ market where numerous local growers can offer their biologically-produced fare. Le Studio works with many farms in the region of Marrakech, one of them being Jnane Tamsna, and the menu changes regularly depending on the products appearing in the market according to season.

The objective is to promote the best ingredients that Morocco has to offer. At the moment, the menu offers various local ingredients that are biologically sourced such as beautiful wild girolles from the Rif Mountains, bio dates from the farmers’ souk, bio squash from the Souss region, fish from Agadir and magnificent tomatillos from the Jnane Tamsna farm.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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