Hafida Zizi takeover

We have another takeover happening tomorrow! Guess who? Artist extraordinaire Hafida Zizi !

Born in 1976 in Aghbala, Beni Mellal, Hafida Zizi is a self-taught painter who discovered a passion for colors through the world of wool dyeing. Encouraged by her family, she took up painting at the age of 28. Her work is strongly inspired by the late Chaïbia Talal and can be seen particularly in her use of colors and “naive” style. Rejecting dominant techniques associated with academia is just one way Zizi shows her rebellious nature. Her work aims to reflect the daily life of Moroccan women and at times the related injustices, such as those experienced by the artist during her younger years in a working-class environment.

More recently, Zizi dreamt of creating a welcoming space dedicated to art, and thus named it Twirga which means dreams in Tamazight. Situated in the historic Aït Benhaddou Ksar, this space aims to promote her work and that of other artists.

Get ready! She’ll take you on a journey through her inspiring art practice and Twirga, her dreamy space.

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