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Following the success of Cafe Clock in the city of Fez, founder Mike Richardson decided to expand the concept’s reach and open new locations in the Kasbah of Marrakech as well as the famed blue city of Chefchaouen. His desire to celebrate the aspects of Moroccan culture that he had fallen in love with quickly transformed his restaurant into a cultural hub dedicated to local cuisine and traditions.
Cafe Clock’s menu features exceptional Moroccan delicacies for which it has gained global recognition, including smoked aubergine-tomato zaalouk, Amazigh eggs seasoned with aromatic herbs from the High Atlas, and, of course, their renowned camel burger.

Not only is Moroccan culture celebrated through delicious food and drinks, but all three of Cafe Clock’s locations sit in the heart of ancient medinas in buildings that carry a rich history and appreciation for local traditional architecture and design details.
A quick visit to their website reveals that Café Clock is much more than a restaurant; Mike has succeeded in bringing out the elements of Moroccan culture that inspired him by transforming his business into a vibrant centre for Oud sessions, culinary classes, calligraphy lessons, film screenings, live musical performances and storytelling.

Café Clock intends to continue its mission of making Moroccan culture accessible and serving as a welcoming gathering place for locals and visitors alike by collaborating with the Harvest Festival team. This partnership will bring about additional celebrations and events in the hopes that such cross-cultural exchanges can enrich a broader audience and instil values of love and acceptance for one another, traditions and Mother Earth.

In honour of Earth Day, Café Clock is collaborating with the Harvest Festival to present a f’tour buffet, which will be accompanied by traditional musical performances of Amdah, Oud sessions, and stories narrated in both English and Arabic by Moroccan storytellers.

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Harvest Festival – Marrakech

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